Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family - Music In A Doll's House (1968)

1. The Chase
2. Mellowing Grey
3. Never Like This
4. Me My Friend
5. Variation on a theme of Hey Mr. Policeman
6. Winter
7. Old Songs New Songs
8. Variation on a theme of The Breeze
9. Hey Mr. Policeman
10. See Through Windows
11. Variation on a theme of Me My Friend
12. Peace of Mind
13. Voyage
14. The Breeze
15. 3 x Time

Roger Chapman – lead vocals, harmonica, tenor saxophone
John "Charlie" Whitney – lead guitar, steel guitar
Jim King – tenor and soprano saxophone, harmonica, vocals
Ric Grech – bass guitar, violin, cello, vocals
Rob Townsend – drums, percussion
Dave Mason & Jimmy Miller - producer


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Certainly one of the weirdest albums of 1968, and that's saying quite a bit--compositionally much weirder than most of the psych that was going around. Just reviewed it on my blog.