Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yatha Sidhra - A Mass Meditation (1974)

1. A Meditation Mass Part 1 - 17:45
2. A Meditation Mass Part 2 - 3:13
3. A Meditation Mass Part 3 - 12:00
4. A Meditation Mass Part 4 - 7:16

Rolf Fichter - Moog synthesizer, Indian flute, vibes, electric piano, electric guitar, vocals
Matthias Nicolai - electric 12-string guitar, bass
Peter Elbracht - flute
Klaus Fichter - drums, percussion


keep on growing said...

Music for Songwriters said...

thanks for sharing this one! great stuff! keep it up!...

Willy said...

This is a master album from krautrock jazz music.
They were well none in Europe but I thing they were American (not Sure).Must listen to this in a quiet place.(switch off your hand phone).
I still listen to this album from the last 36 years.
The date of 1974 has to be wrong because i was listen to this album 1 - 2 years before that.Can you check.(Switzerland at least)

keep on growing said...

thx for the could be 1973 Willy...i did see that date some places too. Regardless, its a great album!