Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jackson Browne - The Pretender (1976)

1. The Fuse
2. Your Bright Baby Blues
3. Linda Paloma
4. Here Come Those Tears Again
5. The Only Child
6. Daddy's Tune
7. Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate
8. The Pretender

Jackson Browne - acoustic guitar, guitar, piano, keyboard, vocals
Roy Bittan - piano
Rosemary Butler - vocals, harmony vocals
Gary Coleman - percussion
David Crosby - vocals, harmony vocals
Luis Damian - guitar, vocals, background vocals
Craig Doerge - piano, keyboard
Lowell George - guitar, vocals, harmony vocals, slide guitar
Bob Glaub - bass
Jim Gordon - drums, organ
Roberto Gutierrez - guitar, violin, vocals, background vocals, guitarron
John Hall - guitar
Don Henley - vocals, harmony vocals
Russ Kunkel - drums
Jon Landau - vocals
Albert Lee - guitars
David Lindley - fiddle, guitar, violin, steel guitar, slide guitar, lap steel guitar
Graham Nash - vocals, harmony vocals
Bill Payne - organ, piano, keyboard
Jeff Porcaro - drums
Chuck Rainey - bass
Bonnie Raitt - vocals, harmony vocals
Leland Sklar - bass
J.D. Souther - vocals, harmony vocals
Fred Tackett - guitars
Michael Utley - organ, keyboard
Waddy Wachtel - guitar
*horns/strings credited not included


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never forget the time I started singing Here Comes Those Tears again and turned on the radio to hear the same song playing. Yes, I should have played the lottery. Thanks