Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lindsey Buckingham - Law and Order (1981)

1. Bwana
2. Trouble
3. Mary Lee Jones
4. I'll Tell You Now
5. It Was I
6. September Song
7. Shadow of the West
8. That's How We Do It in L.A.
9. Johnny Stew
10. Love from Here, Love from There
11. Satisfied Mind

Lindsey Buckingham - guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, and vocals.
George Hawkings - bass on "Trouble."
Mick Fleetwood - drums on "Trouble."
Carol Ann Harris - background harmonies on "It Was I."
Christine McVie - background harmonies on "Shadow of the West."


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Anonymous said...

thanks-i did buy this at the time but i'm glad to have the chance to re-assess my opinion as i found it disappointing though it did have elements that were interesting and i'm keen to see if i missed appreciating some parts of his solo debut

djbethell said...

Thanks. this is fantastic.