Thursday, July 1, 2010

Queen - The Game (1980)

1. Play the Game
2. Dragon Attack
3. Another One Bites the Dust
4. Need Your Loving Tonight
5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
6. Rock It (Prime Jive)
7. Don't Try Suicide
8. Sail Away Sweet Sister
9. Coming Soon
10. Save Me

Freddie Mercury - vocals, piano, guitar, synthesiser
Brian May: guitar, piano, vocals, synthesiser
John Deacon: bass, guitar, piano
Roger Taylor: drums, guitar, vocals, synthesiser


keep on growing said...


Ominous Red said...

The earliest recollection I have as far as memories go in my life was a Queen song. Another one bites the dust. I was about 2 years old. Still small enough to fit under the dash board area of a car. My Mom was handing me french fries and I remember this song coming on and it scared the hell out of me. That bass line is so evil. Great post.