Saturday, July 3, 2010

Van Morrison - Hard Nose The Highway (1973)

1. Snow in San Anselmo – 4:37
2. Warm Love – 3:23
3. Hard Nose the Highway – 5:14
4. Wild Children – 4:21
5. The Great Deception – 4:53
6. Bein' Green – 4:22
7. Autumn Song – 10:37
8. Purple Heather – 5:44


keep on growing said...


The PopCulturist said...

Thanks, been looking for a good version of this.

Stop by my place and have a look around, you might find something you like:

Anonymous said...

I can't remember this one which means it's not one of his best but maybe time will change my mind. Cheers for the not so obvious. Ian of Cornwall

Anonymous said...

What a great album by Van the Man ! It's been a long time and i bought this one as vinyl and later, as CD. Autumn song, listened at the end of a summer, what a blues you get !
And the acceleration of Snow in San Anselmo...
And the cover of Green by Joe Raposio, wonderful.
Thanks for letting me re listening to such a stuff like that


Ominous Red said...

Awesome. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Nice, man :)
I am in the mood for some Van The Man :)
GOt you in my blogroll to :) happy growing!

Anonymous said...

thanks - steve.

Jenaclap said...

Thanks for sharing this too. Now I can keep my old casette.

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!!!